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Login to subscribe How you can help ensure the dojo remains in business
Title:   How you can help ensure the dojo remains in business
Message:  Hello all,

As you all know a state-wide mandate is in place ordering all gyms, health clubs and fitness centers to remain closed in order to ensure social distancing. Martial arts schools fall under this category.

Right now, there’s no projected time at which we might be allowed to re-open, but it seems like we will most likely be closed through May or June, possibly longer....

Regrettably, my landlord here is unforgiving about current world conditions and is not forgiving rent. Operating the dojo is my full-time job and I rely on that income as well to feed myself and pay all of my personal and professional bills.

I cannot keep the dojo open for more than a month or so without income. March is almost over and 60% of my students did not pay this month’s dues.

So what I am asking of you is to please try to support the dojo and ensure that we can re-open when permission is granted by continuing to pay your dues during these difficult months. I understand of cours
Start Date:  03/24/2020
End Date:  03/31/2020
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Organization Type:  Sports
Address:  17 Peekskill Hollow Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579
Phone:  845-526-2836
Contacts:  Noah Mitchell
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