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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people use

Currently over 20,000 Schools, School Districts, Organizations and Businesses use to notify their constituents via the web, email, pager and text message via cell phone.

Over 300,000 users are subscribed to receive notifications when postings are made and over 1,000,000 pages are viewed before and during significant weather events.

I have accessed my account in the past but today I cannot log in.

Clear your Internet browser's History and Temporary Internet Files. Removing these files causes your browser to search for and display new content within web pages. Proceed to log in. If you click an icon on your desktop or have stored as a favorite, delete the icon, favorite or both and type directly into your Internet Browser's address field. Once there, recreate your icon, favorite or both, and proceed to log in.

Make sure you are trying to login to the correct area of the website.
If you are a school or organization Click Here

If you are checking for postings Click Here

If you are an News Organization (Affiliate) Click Here

I see my organizations postings when I search by zip code but I do not see the posting when I search by organization name.

This is correct. To view posting information, delays or cancellations type in the organizations zip code or city and state under Find Postings. To find out if your organization uses or to view its address information type in a partial organization name and state under Find Organization.

How can I register my school?

For security reasons schools and other organizations must register themselves for a free account.
Please contact your school or other organizations administration office and ask them to sign up for a free account. You can send them an email directly from requesting that they join if you have the superintendants email address. Click here: Refer a school or organization.

My school is cancelled but there is no posting on

Either the school or other organization has not signed up for a free account from or they have a free account but have not made a posting. Accurate and timely postings are the responsibility of the school or organization.

I am signed up for email notifications, how do I change my password ?

Make sure you login at the page with your username and password. Then go to the link titled "Your Info (name, address, etc", here you can change your password. Then click on "Save" after you have changed it.

How do I select the organizations for which I want to receive email notifications of postings?

You need to login as a visitor at this page: or click "Login" from the front page under "Email Notifications"

Once logged in you will be taken to your "Control Center" where you can setup your different email addresses and choose which organizations you want to be notified for.

First make sure that you have entered all of the emails where you would like to have notices sent under ?Email Management?

Then under ?Organizations in your zip code?, you can then search for your organization by organization name at the bottom of the screen or search via zip code.

To the right of each organization you will see a drop down from the emails that you have provided. First select the email where you want the posting sent and then press the ?Add? button. If you would like alerts/notifications from one organization to go to multiple emails you will need to add an entry for each to this list.

You can see the organizations that you are currently signed up for by clicking on the link ?Current Organizations you have signed up for?

How do I get my notifications sent to my new email address?

Log in to your account at Once logged in you can go to "Your Info (name, address, etc)" to change your Management Email address. This is the account were we send system upgrade notices, and this is the email address that is used as your username. You can modify the email addresses were notifications for your selected organizations are sent by clicking on "Email Management".

I am signed up for Email Notifications but did not receive a notification today.

Accurate and timely postings are the responsibility of the organizations themselves. Please contact your organizations administrators for an explaination as to why notifications were late or not sent at all.

If you are using AOL or Yahoo as your email provider we recommend that use a different email for receiving your notifications. AOL and Yahoo sometimes delay or block emails you will either not receive them or get them very late. Gmail works well and as do most other email systems.

Can I test my email account to be sure that your system can send me emails?

Yes. Currently we just have this for visitor accounts. We have added a new feature that allows you to have our system send you out a test email. Please log in to your account at as you normally do. Under the link "Email addresses used for notifications" to the right of each email address you will see a link marked "Test It". Click on this link and our system will generate an email to your account which you should receive within a few minutes. If not, email us at [email protected] and we will try to help you track down the problem. We will be adding additional troubleshooting tools so that you can determine where the problem is occuring.

How do I post a cancellation?

Registered organizations that have been confirmed by may post a cancellation or other notice by logging into the service with their username and password. Once you have logged in, click the Postings button and follow the instructions for adding a posting.

How can I customize my affiliate page?

After you login to the affiliate section, click on the "Affiliate Site Instructions" link. There you will see detailed instructions.